Weights, Pending.

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The pieces from Weights, pending. are inspired by acts of presentation (to wear, to hang and to place) and their possible influence on the creation of a piece. Each necklace is composed of pairs of various pendants that differ in weight, shape and size. Both sides of the necklace can be shifted and scaled in search for a balance – or imbalance – when worn. Carrying these weights as a collection of charms around the neck and shoulders does not go unnoticed for the wearer and the viewer. How is this experienced, both physically and mentally? What is the relationship between the piece and the body? How will the piece influence the persons’s behavior or actions? And how is it perceived by the viewer? The way in which something is communicated or portrayed, the context in which it is placed, the actions and gestures it evokes, among other matters that at first may be regarded as supporting or supplemental, are in fact essential for the object’s existence and interpretation.

Inspired by the way (daily) goods are consumed and (re)presented, Anneleen Swillen tries to draw attention to the intrinsic but often unnoticed qualities of everyday objects. Weights, pending. (2016) is the most recent series within CONTAINERS (since 2014 and ongoing), an artistic research into both formal and functional potential of disposable packaging for object and jewellery design.

Weights, pending. can be found at Gallery Beyond, Antwerp

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