Round Table


Round Table are open group conversations concerning jewellery and presentation. Hosted three times per year by Galerie Beyond and Anneleen Swillen.

Round Table #1: Screens for Jewellery – 26.01.2017

Within the context of Winter Garden, Galerie Beyond and Anneleen Swillen hosted Round Table #1: Screens for jewellery, an open group conversation concerning window display, social media and (moving) image for contemporary jewellery presentation. The topics, questions and ideas that arose from this dialogue, led directly to the further development of the window display project in Beyond Fashion 3m2 Project Room.

Round Table #2: Platforms for Jewellery – 23.04.2017

dsc_0125Who presents contemporary art jewellery? Where do you see it? Where haven’t you seen it before? How would you like to see it?
During Round Table #2 we explored and reflected upon existing and potential platforms for contemporary art jewellery.

These reports show some of the quotes and questions as said during our Round Tables in order to continue the conversation online.
Stay tuned for more info on previous and future Round Table editions!

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